Good governance govt. trembles and is tremulous before apparition of sinister discarded Rajapakse !

-Navy officer who exposed the murders and corruption in trouble again

(Lanka-e-News -15.July.2016, 10.20PM)   Lieutenant Commodore K.C.Welegedera who exposed the corruption and murders committed during the period when Karannagoda was the Naval Commander ,is being exposed to victimization because of the spineless and cowardly conduct of the government of good governance which instead of protecting and encouraging Welegedera to expose more of the crimes , is safeguarding  the present conspirators who are shielding  and saving those corrupt , criminals and murderers who committed them , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Lanka e news reported earlier on that ,while not taking any action against Yoshitha Rajapakse with regard to the 74 foreign tours made by Yoshitha Rajapakse  of which as many as 50 were unworthy and unnecessary tours, military court under the judge advocate Shavendra Fernando ( who appears on behalf of cases of the Rajapakses)  , decided that Welegedera’s promotion shall be barred for 4 years just because he went on a single foreign tour. Against this decision ,  Welegedera made an appeal to the commander in chief of the forces , it was reported.

Believe it or not ! those lickspittles and lackeys in the Navy and the defense ministry  who are still shamelessly stooping to do the sordid biddings of the Rajapakse regime have  not until today  forwarded the appeal of Welegedera to the president  ! In addition  conspiracies  are afoot to haul him up before the military court again.

An officer of the forces can only forward an appeal to the commander in chief of the forces only through his chief –the Commander . The latter however has delayed Welegedera’s appeal for a week by holding it back without forwarding to the president. After this appeal was belatedly and finally forwarded to the defense ministry , the additional secretary of the ministry , Siripala Hettiarachi , another Rajapakse lackey and crony had kept it hidden for a further three weeks without submitting it to the president.

Siripala Hettiarachi has been in the defense ministry for over ten years despite the fact  a government servant can be in one Institution for only a maximum of 5 years. He is therefore above the law or because double standards are practiced when laws are being implemented under the governments of SL.

 Sinister Siripala who was surviving and thriving on the corruption and crimes of the nefarious decade by adding fuel to those criminal activities is  committing the same sins and crimes even now without let or hindrance .Welegedra’s ordeal and trials are  clear and ample testimony that Siripala  is now exploiting his position to cover and conceal the corruption , murders and robberies committed during the nefarious decade.

In addition Welegedera is being subjected to undue harassment and embarrassment 

In 2010 , a group of 28 including 7 students  were abducted in Trincomalee by a murder squad operated by  ex Navy Commander Karannagoda . After the extortion monies  were collected from the victims they were murdered. When the CID  was conducting investigations into this and in relation to some navy officers engaged in the human smuggling to Australia on refugee boats ,it was Welegedra who  was a key witness giving evidence and exposing the truth.

Recently , the Navy conspirators had  even broken open Welegedera’s locker and stolen important documents and files .Besides Welegedera is not being given the necessary permission to visit the CID to give evidence.

The latest development aims at  hauling  up Welegedera before another military court. Sadly and shockingly ,behind all these dastardly and despicable moves to rescue the murderers and the corrupt is the present Navy commander Raveendra Wejegunaratne.

What is most  deplorable is , while there exists a commander in chief of the forces who has been elected as president by the majority of the people for and on behalf of  good governance, still opportunities and the environment are being  created now   to the deadly ghosts and destructive apparitions of the discarded Rajapakse   regime to play merry devil and rule the roost to the detriment of the country . If these devils and demons that  can only wrought destruction on the country are not driven away even by resorting to exorcism (if such a need is imperative)  immediately ,may we warn the life of the Commander in chief is in grave peril.

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The Defence Minister is continuously proving himself as a man without any leadership qualities much to the dismay of the Citizens. The Public Service Com.might investigate working discrepancies too_
-- by punchinilame on 2016-07-15

Glad.Thanks LL.You are the only media revealing fresh and hot hot news of Sri Lanka very impartially. Now we are really fed up with this Yahapalanaya. They are dead. NATO ( No action Talk only)
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2016-07-16

Looks like this government that is governing selectively with its "goodness" is doing to Commodore Welegedera what Mahindawalauwa did to General Fonseka. Only a "commode-government" would act this way to reward an honest Commodre!
-- by P.B. Gamgedera on 2016-07-18

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