Seminal fluid all over the private parts of the youth allegedly murdered in the house of Weerawansa !

-Investigations suppressed by a most high profile political leader-

(Lanka-e-News -30.Oct.2016, 11.45PM) It has come to light that owing to pressures brought to bear by a political  bigwig-a  high profile political leader  on the  police investigations into the alleged murder of 24 years old Lahiru Janith Dissanayake , whose body was found in the home of Wimal Weerawansa  the leader of NFF , the information pertaining to the seminal fluid  that was all over the organ  of the deceased  is being  suppressed, based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Based on revelations made by a high rung police officer , even before information was received in regard to the  body of the youth , and investigations were begun , instructions were issued  to Mirihana police ‘Until the JMO ‘s report on cause of death is received , no suspect shall be arrested’ by  the secretariat  of a  political leader of the country. From that point of time  , the police had conducted the investigation  accordingly  after the remains of the victim was received. 

It is most noteworthy , no one has the right to order the police against  taking  any suspect  into custody until the JMO report is received. This is because the police that has begun investigations into a mysterious death/ murder after the remains is received do not halt the investigations until the JMO report is received. The medical report is only a part of the investigation.

It is urine and not semen that spurts out from the body of a person who is dying from a heart attack

After the death of the youth Jayawerdena hospital was intimated about his remains  , when the SOCOH officers examined the body  ,it was detected  there was bleeding from the nose , and somebody had wiped away the blood that had oozed out.

As Lanka e News revealed in its earlier report , there were tell tale signs of injuries with the body having turned blue coupled with swellings on the right side of the neck , near the forehead on the left rear side , and both sides of the stomach .In addition  a liquid resembling phlegm had also exuded from the mouth. But the gravest suspicions were aroused by the seminal fluid that was all  over the private parts of the deceased.  Usually , from the body of an individual who dies by hanging , blood exuding  from the mouth and nose , passage of feces and urine , and semen emission are noticed. But in the case of an individual who had died   due to heart failure such signs cannot exist , a high rung police officer disclosed,  while adding in his career spanning over 25 years , he has never encountered such a queer scenario  in which an individual who died from a heart failure emitted semen although passage of  urine is possible.

The SOCOH officers who examine the body make a full report of whatever they see and suspect. Yet owing to the pressures from the top hereinbefore mentioned , the information had not been duly included in the police  investigations.

Following the recent accusations leveled by the president against the police investigators conducting probes independently and impartially , it seems the police investigators have not gone beyond what they had been instructed to do. That is they have not  ‘overly  dedicated themselves  to their duties’ 

Consequently , the most vital evidence including bleeding nose and blood being wiped away by someone; blue patches over the body; and seminal fluid spread all over the region of  the organ of the deceased  had not been included in the police ‘investigation’

Murderers following the crime  enjoy to the hilt after handing over the body to the hospital..!

In a mysterious death and subsequent examination of the body , recording statements is not the only concern , rather everybody suspected shall be questioned. If the time frame for questioning is inadequate , the suspect shall be arrested and interrogated. If that time too is not enough , a detention order shall be obtained from  court , and suspect questioned while held in detention. Not only the interrogation ,   it is imperative that the suspects as well as suspicious articles are searched.
On the  contrary ,  if these investigations are to be held back until the JMO report is received, then in Sri Lanka ,  the murderers can kill and after handing  over the bodies to the hospital , enjoy to the hilt staying at home . 

If this is the  process which  is going to be followed , it would be most unfair by the victim who died (while in the prime of youth), and whose body was found in the home of Weerawansa under most suspicious circumstances . It would be gross injustice meted out to the victim.

Weerawansa  enjoys exclusive immunity

According to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , Weerawansa having not been in the house on the fateful night is subject to doubts. According to one source , Weerawansa was seen going out of the house after the incident , and returned home after the body was dispatched to the hospital. No matter what , the recordings of CCTV cameras in Weerwansa’s house as well as of the surroundings had not been duly taken account of in  the police investigations.

The security detail of Weerawansa too had not been questioned. Neither  the friends of the youth allegedly murdered nor the friends of Weerawansa’s son and daughter had been interrogated. 
Unbelievably , Weerawansa the chief occupant of the house where the body was  discovered had not been questioned. It is only in Sri Lanka , the only country  in the whole wide world where the chief occupant of the house is not interrogated  over the sudden death of an individual   the same night after visiting  that house , and whose  body was discovered the following day   ! 

Cries of Sashi ‘please do not assault’ heard

Weerawansa’s daughter who was supposed to have had a love affair with the deceased Lahiru Janith had stated she did have a love affair with Lahiru  earlier , but not now.

Another person said, cries of Sashi ‘ please do not assault , please do not assault’  was heard during midnight on that day.
It shall  be investigated whether Lahiru died because he was engaged in sex  with someone in the house of Weerawansa vis a vis the seminal fluid that was found in the area of his organ , and it is not  something that can  be detected from the ‘cause of death’ report , the high ranking police officer pointed out.

Going by the delays impeding the police   investigation , there is no doubt , this  is because those who are affected by this alleged murder are  Weerawansa’s relatives , and that Weerawansa has spent in many millions already  to shut the mouths of those who suffered from this alleged murder and of the witnesses , the high ranking officer further observed.
When  further inquiries were being made , a lady of the most affluent class in the country who was a friend of Sashi Weerawansa had a most interesting and intriguing story to relate to Lanka e news  inside information division … 
‘It is the belief of most rich beautiful middle aged  women that if they have sexual relationships with males who are younger than themselves, they can stall their aging ,and retain their youthful looks.  Though this is a myth , yet women who are wealthy do not hesitate at all  to do anything to retain their youthfulness.  Don’t forget when Sashi Weerawansa had her first sexual relationship with Weerawansa , she was already married and a mother of a child. Besides , Weerawansa was five years younger than Sashi,’ she remarked  with  the tongue in the cheek .

-By a special reporter of Lanka e news inside information division-

Translated by Jeff 

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Body of youth found in home of Weerawansa ! Deceased has neck injuries and bleeding nose

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not only modawansa. now ponne wansa too
-- by Hapun on 2016-10-31

Expose the interfering political bastard. They cannot and must not be allowed to interfere with the law. Expose them and destroy them. It is your bounden duty if yours is an honest news web site.
-- by indrapathy on 2016-10-31

If a woman is 40 and the man is 20 twenty go into 40 more times If the husband of the woman is 40 forty go into 40 only once. this is why women prefer the young males
-- by Ram perera on 2016-10-31

Whole story has a hole. Yahpalanaya is yakki. Weerawansa should be arrested immediately if he has influenced the investigation but it will not happen. A Buddhist country is turning a blind eye like lambs when the law of the land is blatantly violated by politicians. I am wondering what would Lord Buddha would have said to Buddhist priests hearing this death?
-- by Veda on 2016-10-31

May be the culprit is WW.
-- by RAVI on 2016-11-03

Pity, if DIG Senanayake was in service, this murder would have been "solved" overnight.
-- by Mihiri de Silva on 2016-11-03

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