President hurtles down 'cyanide road' : Takes initiative to save Navy white van murderers overriding court orders..!

(Lanka-e-News - 31.Jan.2017, 5.25PM) President Maithripala Sirisena who emerged victorious at the last presidential elections  after making loud solemn promises that he would punish every culprit of the Rajapakse regime irrespective of rank or status , however based on his ‘war hero dementia’ has most unfortunately once again taken the initiative to  obstruct the arrest of a group of confirmed criminals of the Navy , according to reports reaching Lanka e news. Mind you the president has stood as an obstacle despite the order given by  the court too to  arrest them . 

When Vasantha Karannagoda was the Navy Commander during the nefarious decade of the corrupt and criminal Rajapakses , ten students (Tamil, Sinhala and Muslims) who are residents of Colombo , Trincomalee and from wealthy families  , and who had qualified to enter universities after having passed the GCE advanced level exam were abducted and killed after collecting extortion monies. These cruel and ghastly crimes were committed by a group of members of the Naval forces  after abducting the victims in the white Van. Following a lengthy and extensive investigation conducted  by the CID, Dhammika Anil Mapa who was serving in the Welisara Navy camp at that time was taken into custody.

After being produced before the Colombo additional magistrate Jeyaram Trosky on the 26 th , Dhammika Anil Mapa was remanded until the 9 h of February while the court also issued  an order to the CID to arrest the other suspects too . The CID then  made a request to court to grant permission to record a statement of DIG Anura Senanayake (who was the DIG in charge of Colombo at that time ) who is now in remand custody, whereupon the court granted the request made by  the CID.

Later , Vasantha Karannagoda who was the Navy commander during that period becoming  apprehensive  that he too would be arrested based on his involvements in the crimes, and present Navy Commander Ravindra  Wijegunaratne met the president secretly , and misled him to believe that the investigation into these crimes is against ‘ war heroes’, and could jeopardize national security.

The president influenced by  false premises and arguments, and who is accustomed to the habit of exonerating  members of the security divisions  implicated in crimes who were    henchmen and lackeys of the Rajapakses ,   has instructed the CID not to arrest the Navy bigwigs who were  confirmed as involved in the crimes .

This instruction of the president is absolutely contradictory to  the sacrosanct order given by the independent  court on the 26 th to ‘arrest the other individuals too.’ Moreover this reckless and ruthless action of the president has rendered useless and worthless  the efforts and dedication of the investigators who devoted all their time and energy to arrest the suspects involved in this most heinous multiple crime of killing innocent  children in the prime of their lives after committing extortion.
Ravindra Gunaratne had later  told the Navy criminals in glee that he met the president and through him he  has got them ‘bailed out’.  Therefore they don’t need to harbor any fears.

The leader of the white Van murder squad is Sampath Munasinghe the sidekick and assistant of the then Navy commander Vasantha Karannagoda . Even the vehicles and  the gold ornaments belonging to  the victims had been discovered  by the CID from within the Navy premises . The national identity cards of the  murdered  Trincomalee students were even found in the possession of Navy Sampath.

It is high time  the president of good governance clearly understood that he has no mandate to fasten the label of ‘war  hero’ in connection with this multiple gruesome killing of innocent children which has attracted the serious attention of all - locally and internationally. He is therefore bound not to protect  the ruthless and brutal murderers and  let them go free without punishment . Lest he has forgotten , may it be reminded that the solemn promise he made to the people on the 8 th of January 2015 was he would unhesitatingly conduct investigations duly against the criminals of  the Rajapakse era , and mete out punishment . He never ever said , he would exalt them as war heroes and save the criminals.

In addition ,following the ‘cyanide speech ‘ of the president earlier on , the officers of the forces who were directly involved in the abduction and murder of Prageeth Ekneliyagoda ,as well as  the murder of Lasantha Wickremetunge, received  bail . What’s more ? the group of criminal  army officers who were interdicted over Prageeth’s abduction and murder were even  reinstated .

This action was absolutely in  violation of  the country ‘s establishment code. The Establishment code clearly lays down that if an individual who is employed in a government Institution is a suspect and a case is being heard in court against him , he must be  mandatorily interdicted until he is exonerated of the charges. Yet, all the army suspects involved in Ekneliyagoda’s murder were reinstated . As a president of the country and the commander in chief of the armed forces   he cannot disclaim responsibility  from this most outrageous  unlawful action.

May we recall , the  incumbent president until the last moment before he defected was the secretary of the  SLFP , a main cabinet minister and acting defense minister under the Rajapakse regime . Hence he must also hold himself responsible for every crime including corruption and robbery committed then  . Yet the masses did not take that into account and freed him from that liability because he promised to turn over a new leaf , and after becoming the common candidate he swore he  would be impartial and non partisan as a president  following  his victory at the presidential elections.
Maithripala Sirisena after contesting as a common candidate and winning elections , he becoming the SLFP party leader in  itself is  in breach of his promise that he would be non partisan and impartial . Besides , it  meant that he was  voluntarily inviting trouble and fastening on himself all the liablities relating to the  crimes and  robberies he was freed of by the masses earlier.

Now , he has overstepped his bounds even further – that is he is in the vanguard of protecting and safeguarding the criminals of the Rajapakse era which is most obnoxious and detrimental to the whole nation , irrespective of whether he has the capacity to realize this grave wrong (rather  crime)  . It is hoped Maithripala will realize, these  flagrant wrongdoings (crimes)  committed wittingly or unwittingly by him in breach of his solemn promises and assurances  are even worse than those  committed by the Rajapakses.

It is an inescapable responsibility of a ruler to fulfill the promises he made to the masses. It is the habit of a ruler even if he has no true intentions to honor the promises , at least to portray that he is trying to stand by his promises.  On the contrary  , if after being elected  by the masses as a president , that ruler  chooses  to become the leader of the very losing party the people discarded and overthrew ,in order  to elect him as president , and in addition if he seeks to fulfill the aspirations and hopes of the defeated forces instead , it is unimaginable anywhere in the world there can be such a weird leader .Only Sri Lanka perhaps is cursed to have such a leader . It is best for such a chief  to learn scruples and integrity first and foremost  even if he has to from a chief of a barbarian clan.  It will not be demeaning for such a chief who is that  mean to take such a step.
If president Maithripala Sirisena is to continue adhering to the ‘cyanide advice’  proffered by those wolves in human clothing around him instead of shunning them , or without taking precautions against them, and  insists on taking  the ‘cyanide road’ until the end , the  end of the road of his political career is sure writ on the wall, and when that  disastrous end comes , he will only have time to realize it is inevitable.
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This is shameful.. Time the whole realizes what the President is upto. Protector of the criminals.
-- by Yohan on 2017-01-31

Sirisena,you have lost the trust of the entire nation,the vast overseas expatriates do not consider you as a true honest leader you are full of bull shit and false promises to safe guard the currupt Rajapaksa clan,disgraceful sirisena throw your presidency to the dogs,we have no trust in you,you are full lise and deciving the public all the time your time has gone,throw out presidency to the dogs disgraceful man
-- by sugath on 2017-01-31

God is there.He also gives punishment in day light. . What happened to the person behind killing Richard Soysa? What happened to persons who harassed Field Marshall?
-- by Raza on 2017-02-01

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