Transfer of High rung police officers - first move to suppress IGP and Narcotics high ups implicated Pilyandala murders : Sagala stooping or sleeping ?

(Lanka-e-News - 03.June.2017, 11.30AM)  The chief of the anti Narcotics division DIG Kamal  Silva who should be arrested and questioned in connection with the shooting incident at Piliyandala in which   an officer of the Narcotics division was murdered , two other officers  including IP Rangajeewa of the same division  sustained serious injuries, and an innocent civilian child died,  has been instead given a transfer.  8 more DIG’s and three senior DIG’s too have been transferred .

Kamal Silva was transferred to the crimes and vehicles division . It is obvious this is in fact to further suppress the Piliyandala shooting incident .

Lanka e news from the very inception reported that the Piliyandala shooting incident happened with the knowledge and consent of the anti narcotics bureau police  high ups and the IGP. Unbelievably , even after  Sagala Ratnayake  the minister in charge of the police gave orders to the IGP to hand over the investigation to the STF chief and furnish a report within 3 days to the minister  , until today the IGP has not carried out that order.  

The IGP neither did he  entrust the investigation to the STF chief, nor   did he  at least hand over the investigation to the CID. From the beginning the anti narcotics bureau conducted the probe , and thereafter the organized crimes division which is a close ally of the IGP conducted the investigation. Now Kamal Silva has been transferred to the crimes division within the organized crimes division as its chief. 

If this minister has any sense of shame ( how can he have any shame when he is born only to stoop)  , when  the IGP under him disobeys , either he should have  sacked the IGP or he should have resigned . On the contrary what this ever stooping spineless minister did was , while accepting the lame excuse of the IGP that the latter’s subordinates did not give him a report , remained silently  like a beaten dog. 
The  Piliyandala shooting incident which claimed the life of a police  officer, and critically injured two others is a serious  crime with grave portents threatening the entire country .  Hence  that should be seriously probed into by the government , yet the response shown by  the minister in charge and the law enforcing chief in this connection are most repulsive , repugnant and reprehensible . 

It is well to recall Lanka e news reported four days prior to the shooting incident that Nasar the informant who took the anti narcotics division officers to the scene is not above suspicion and  is a notorious drug dealer . Besides he is  a bosom pal of Kamal Silva as well as  IP Wijesekera who is an extremely close friend of Kamal Silva.

We also exposed on the same day that Nasar was invited by Kamal Silva  and released after questioning , and by now Nasar has been dispatched abroad. 

Today we reveal more shocking  details  …

On the day of the shooting incident , IP Wijesekera (Kamal’s sidekick) a bosom pal of Nasar did not report for work. Wijesekera in fact did not return to work until  Nassar was secretly sent out of the country  . He  came back to work  some weeks later only  after dispatching Nasar out of the country . Kamal Silva and IGP are not unaware of this.

If they are not behind these plans and  plot , why was Nasar who should be arrested , only questioned and released ? The most ridiculous part of this enacted drama is , arrest of  a boatman on the grounds  that Nasar fled the country by that boat. In that case , is it not  DIG Kamal Silva who should be first arrested for releasing Nasar after questioning ?
Though this crime is being  sought to be dismissed as one committed by the underworld criminals , it is the considered opinion of Lanka e news and the weapon specialists this was carried out by an individual who is well trained in weaponry for a long time , and who knows to use the T56 weapon like a fork and spoon. Among the underworld criminals , there are no such experts with such training. It is the view  of the specialists that this is the job of a hired assassin from the forces.  However the sights of IGP and Sagala are fixed on a different direction.
Although Sagala is unable to fathom it is the chief of the anti narcotics division Kamal Silva , his henchman IP Wijesekera and IGP Poojitha who should be fully accountable for this melodrama (enacted) , any other two legged donkey would easily understand this . 

Among  the transfers effected on the 2  nd , is Sasi Medawatha alias  S.C. Medawatha DIG who has been transferred as the chief in charge of the anti narcotics division. In any case , a Director has still not been appointed to the anti narcotics division.

The former Director was Kamal Silva. The latter earlier , even after his promotion to DIG post ,  continued as DIG anti narcotics division as well as its acting  Director  . In the history of the Police department , such appointment was  unprecedented. 

Now , though a new DIG has been appointed , a Director has not been appointed to that division. SSP Siyambalapitiya  is only performing duties as acting Director.

Based on Poojitha’s recommendations , the following transfers were  approved by the National Police Commission 

1.Senior DIG Jagath Abeysirigunawardena –
From Senior DIG , Council service to North Central province and Wayambe province as senior DIG
2.Senior DIG R.W. Wijegunawardena – from Wayambe province to the Council service of senior DIGs
3.Senior DIG K.E.R.L. Fernando – from special protection district to Northern province as senior DIG. 
4.DIG P. Munasinghe – from Sabaragamuwa to special protection district as DIG
5.DIG R.L. Kodituwakku – from the IGP’s staff division to Sabragamuwa as DIG
6.DIG S.C. Medawatha – from DIG recruitment and training  to Anti Narcotics division as DIG
7.DIG P.P.S.M. Dharmaratne – from Jaffna district to DIG recruitment and training as DIG 
8.DIG W.K. Jayalath – from Galle district to Matara and Tangalle as DIG 
9.DIG Priyantha Jayakody – from Crimes and crime intelligence to IGP’s staff division as DIG
10.DIG K.P.Fernando – from transport  to Jaffna district as DIG
11.DIG I.H.K.W. Silva (Kamal Silva) from anti narcotics division to  crimes and vehicles division as DIG
12.DIG A.H.M.W.C.K.Alahakoon from Matara and Tangalle districts to Galle  as DIG 

By a staff member of  Lanka e news inside information division 

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While the mala samyang General is busy clowning with his transfer schedules, the cooked ex DIG Senanayake has also got a transfer from his remand cell to open society thanks to three bail bonds submitted by some of his affluent cronies.Hope eNews will monitor the court case closely so that justice will be served.
-- by I.B.D. Devapriya on 2017-06-05

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