IGP who inflicted torture now slinks like a crook ! -People’s Forum to complain to HRC

(Lanka-e-News - 16.Aug.2017, 11.45PM)   Following the report of Lanka e news supported with video footages pertaining to the assault launched by IGP Poojitha Jayasundara on the 11 th (morning) of April  on M. Samarakone Banda the lift operator (civilian) and use of obscene words  against the woman police officer, as well as scolding the OIC of the Narcotics Bureau Ludowyke in filthy language within the police headquarters , it has now been proved beyond doubt  that the IGP is persecuting , assaulting and inflicting torture on innocent individuals for not following his meditation program instructions. 

The IGP who is now  dubbed the Imbecile General of police behaving eccentrically  and like a rowdy  has on April 11 th morning assaulted and berated Ludowyke a burgher in foul language  ,and screamed ‘ I don’t care what religion you belong , you dogs do the meditation according to what I have instructed.’ 

The IGP has not stopped at that . He had then seized the lift operator Banda  by the collar and assaulted him , and gone even  further  to threaten the woman police officer at the inquiries counter while using most filthy language ‘ I shall rape you too.’ 

The IGP  went berserk and behaved this disgracefully because his  private meditation in the morning which he introduced within the police  was not performed by them . 

The video footage of the IGP of Sri Lanka behaving this crudely, cruelly and barbarically had been viewed already by nearly 3 million people directly and indirectly via Lanka e news. 

On the 16 th ,Lanka e news inquired from Ariyadasa Cooray the secretary to the National Police Commission (NPC) as to what action it is going to take against the IGP who has outrageously violated the laws of the country which lawlessness  are supported by valid tangible  evidence. He told , the NPC has no legal powers to take any action against the IGP. At the time of launching of the NPC this was made clear , and except the IGP , all other officers are governed by the NPC powers.

Lanka e news then asked this question from Jagath Premalal Wijeweera the secretary to the ministry of law  and order.He elaborated as follows : 

The  IGP is appointed by the president and not by the prime minister or any minister . Hence the ministry of law and order has no legal powers to take disciplinary action against the IGP. It is only the president who appointed him can take action.

It is an unequivocal fact that it is the police which  is the main law enforcing Institution responsible for enforcing the laws of the country , and the IGP who is the highest in its hierarchy of the police therefore cannot act above the laws. It is IGP Poojitha his eccentricity and barbarity notwithstanding ,who  said in public , ‘ we can flex the laws, ’ but he did not say ‘we can break the laws.’ In the circumstances , the law abiding citizens   have no cause to tolerate a lawless IGP who after his disgraceful behavior are exposed keeps his phone off , and slinks like a crook. 

Lanka e news inquired from Chitral Perera of the People’s Forum which has for a long time been in the forefront against the torture and cruelty inflicted by the police  , whether the organization will take measures against the IGP in the same way as regards other police officers?

Chitral Perera replied , they are going to lodge a complaint with the Human Rights council in this regard. Speaking further he revealed , 

“The Police say there has been no complaint in this connection. But to initiate investigation , a complaint is not necessary. An inquiry can be conducted even without a police complaint. Likewise even the Human Rights Commission can conduct an investigation without a complaint. By now the cruelty and torture of the IGP has clearly come to light. Who will from within the police investigate the IGP? Therefore tomorrow we are going to complain to the Human Rights Commission. The law must apply in the same way to all, without which  it is no purpose talking about reconciliation , let alone think about it” Chitral Perera pinpointed.


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