Cabinet ratifies millions of Rs sordid warship deal that will line the pockets of Kili Maharaja and president’s s-i-l !

(Lanka-e-News - 05.Oct.2017, 9.30PM)  The cabinet paper tabled by the president to purchase a decrepit worthless warship  for  millions of Rs - a  deal which will line the pockets of  Kili Maharaja and president’s son in law was ratified by the cabinet lastday.

This sordid warship deal at a time when there is no war in the country aimed at aiding Kili Maharaja and president ‘s son in law   to line their pockets with colossal commissions was not objected to by any minister. Only Mangala Samaraweera said , a committee shall be appointed in this regard. 

The president raising objections  to this  said , this deal pertains to a part of the  loan which is  remaining  of the agreement  signed by the Rajapakses with the Russian government , and as this is a transaction directly negotiated between the two countries , a committee is unnecessary. 

However  Samaraweera pointed out that since this  deal has attracted the intense attention of the people , appointment of a committee will be most appropriate. The president then agreed to appoint a committee most reluctantly.  In any case what kind of committee is going to be appointed is a  mystery to everyone. 

Based on inquiries made  by Lanka e news , though this agreement pertains to a loan signed by the Rajapakses , and concerns the balance remaining of the loan , there is no indication therein that a warship or weapons only should be purchased out of it. 
It is significant to note this sum to be spent on this decrepit warship is half the total expenditure of the country last year towards health services!  There are  more important things that could be  bought out of this balance loan for the country . Hence , it is being rightly questioned ,what kind of good governance is this which is aiding and abetting Kili Maharaja and president’s son in law in the deal to purchase a dilapidated discarded warship ( including  two related helicopters)  for  Rs. 166000 million when the government is begging and struggling  to purchase a most vital pet scanner for the country  ?

It is well to recall Lanka e news earlier on highlighted  ,for this same or much lesser price  there are  avenues  to buy a new warship of the same kind , and this old warship is being bought at over double the price – paying  over US dollars 88 million , and that the two helicopters related to it are being purchased at a  much higher price , that is  US dollars 21 million more !
It is a matter for regret ministers like Champika Ranawake , Rajitha Senaratne , Dayasiri Jayasekera and Sarath Fonseka okayed  this corrupt cabinet paper without uttering a word while parading as champions of the cause of anti corruption . The JVP leaders also kept their mouths shut in fear that they will lose their  publicity opportunities via the Maharaja TV channels. 

The civil organization leaders who gourmandize  in  the night at the dinner table together with the president but stage satyagrahas in the mornings , also were dumb  as though have taken a concoction to stop the diarrhea they were suffering from   following overeating.

The anti corruption organization which gets thrown out in hordes  when the bush is attacked also remained  blind. The UNP radical tide which has no representatives in the  cabinet too is silent .

The relevant cabinet paper is hereunder…

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The turning point for our President, he might not make money but will be having a serious black mark.
-- by Coconut Republic on 2017-10-06

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