Country in peril ! Defense secretary deceives president -Whither SL and national security ?

(Lanka-e-News- 29.July.2016, 11.00PM)    The defense secretary Karunasena Hettiarachi  has acted most high handedly overriding the instructions issued by president Maithripala Sirisena the commander in chief of the forces, based on reports reaching Lanka e news .

It must be warned such a situation prevailing in the country is most alarming , and such a deceit being committed is very rare  in a country.

This high handed action of the defense secretary pertains to Commodore K.C.Welegedera who exposed the corruption and murders committed during the period of ex Navy Commander Karannagoda which was earlier on revealed by Lanka e news in its reports. Lanka e news exposed that an unjustifiable  punishment was meted out to Welegedera by the Naval courts in order to silence him,   and that Welegedera made an appeal to the commander in chief . It was also revealed  by us that the appeal which had to be routed through the defense secretary was not being forwarded to the president by the former who is hiding it and delaying .

Lanka e news on the 14 th  highlighted this delay caused by Siripala Hettiarachi the additional secretary to president who was  holding back the appeal . It was only after that and a delay of 24 days , the relevant file was sent  to the president .

Subsequently , following a cabinet meeting , the president ordered  Hettiarachi to instruct the Naval Commander to withdraw the punishment meted out to Welegedera  by the Naval court. The ministers who were present bore testimony that such an order was indeed issued by the president.

Lo and behold ! this defense secretary who holds a most responsible position directly under the president had thereafter acted most irresponsibly . Karunasena Hettiarachi has indulged in a most shocking and abominable  underhand action. He had by letter informed the Naval Commander and Navy’s legal division that the president has ratified the punishment meted out by Naval court !
The defense secretary Karunasena Hettiarachi , the additional secretary , Sirpala Hettiarachi and the Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ravi Wijegunaratne are directly involved in this conspiracy of deliberately altering  the instructions specifically given by the president , based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

These conspirators are conducting themselves in this crude and criminal manner solely because they want to save those who were involved in smuggling of people as refugees via boats  to Australia during the nefarious decade. Welegedera is due  to give evidence in the cases under the investigations conducted by the  CID, but the Navy is obstructing him. This is because the present Navy Commander and his predecessor are directly involved in the human smuggling that was carried  on earlier.

In the circumstances ,both Karunasena Hettiarachi the defense secretary and additional secretary Siripala Hettiarachi in charge of the file who went so far as to change the instructions on the sly  given by the president, in order  to protect and safeguard the corrupt and the crooks must be sacked forthwith , for they have totally  eroded the confidence reposed in them by the public . 

Mind you this is not only a most high handed action but is also  suggestive of what crooked and crafty conspiracies they could resort to in the future , not to mention  high treason duping  the president and the country . Besides they are not just white collar workers . Not only the people even the president is trusting them implicitly being the defense secretary and additional secretary.

If the grave dangers and the portentous trends laden in these   actions of the two secretaries and those contributing to such conspiracies are not identified with the urgency those merit , doubtless these villains are going to commit more villainy with greater determination in the future including slitting the throat of the highest in the hierarchy. 

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ALL THREE, the Defense Secretary, the Additional Defense Secretary and the Navy Commander should be arrested immediately. This is treachery. Treason. ALL THREE must be stripped of their posts and discharged dishonorably.
-- by W. A. Indrapathy on 2016-07-30

If the revelations are factual, a public interest by some do--gooders is very appropriate - will the Prof. leading the band-wagon with Fight Against Corruption take the cue??
-- by PUNCHINILAME on 2016-07-30

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