Investigation into suicide kit etc .wrapped in a Sinhala newspaper detected in Chavakachcheri , and Navy murders immediately halted by President..!

(Lanka-e-News -12.Feb.2017, 10.00PM) With the discovery that the army intelligence division is directly linked to the detection of a suicide kit , 4 claymore bombs , high explosive C 4 device contained in three parcels wrapped in  a Sinhala newspaper in a house along Vallakulam Pilayar kovil road, Chavakachcheri , on 30 th March 2016  , the president Maithripala Sirisena has ordered to immediately halt the investigation that is currently being conducted into it , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

Interestingly and intriguingly , within five minutes  of  the detection of these dangerous  items by the police,  Namal Rajaapkse the son of deposed and people discarded president Machiavellian Mahinda Rajapakse sent a  twitter message in this connection. 

Even before the discovery could be disseminated by the media , Dr. G.L. Peiris at that time convening a media briefing said , those suicide kit and explosives were in the ready to be dispatched to Wellawatte , Colombo , and the government is seeking to belittle this grave  discovery .When the CID questioned Dr. G.L Peiris the well noted   epitome of an educated imbecile on this , he fastened the blame on Dinesh Gunawardena by saying the latter instructed him to tell that way. 
No matter what,  the investigations were conducted  jointly by  the CID and the Terrorism investigation unit ( TID) of the police. 

During the investigations it came to light that the mastermind behind the suicide kit and explosive devices is an ex LTTE member living n France. Subsequent probe into this however revealed this so called ex LTTE mastermind is none other than an informant of the  army intelligence division residing in France , and he was  being paid out of the secret fund of the army .Just to keep the suicide kit and explosives in the  house   mentioned hereinbefore  , the army has paid Rs. 200,000.00 monthly to the house owner from January 2016 out of its secret fund. 

When DIG Nalaka Silva informed this to the president , shockingly ,  the latter has instructed the CID and TID to immediately halt the investigations into this detection.

According to security analysts , this move of the president to halt the investigations is a monumental blunder , and a most ‘stupid foolhardy action’  amidst reports that  there is a large group of  conspirators  in the army intelligence division who are pro  Mahinda Rajapakse engaged in deadly anti national activities  , and when that  is about to be exposed  , following investigations. 

President saves murderers in the Navy..!

Meanwhile at the discussion on 7 th February , with the participation of Navy commander Raveendra Wijegunawardena ,the  IGP  and minister Sagala Rathnayake , the president had once again instructed to halt the investigations conducted  into the crimes committed by the Navy officers .( Lanka e news revealed that the president has already  given such a promise to the Navy commander and ex Navy commander . Read LeN news report ‘ President hurtles down 'cyanide road' : Takes initiative to save Navy white van murderers overriding court orders..!’

The CID had however told the president the investigation into the abduction and murder  of school children following  extortion by the group of Navy officers cannot be halted in its tracks , because this multiple murder has attracted immense and intense   local and international publicity  . Therefore if the investigation is to be stopped it could trigger criticisms  and the government can come in for grave  slander. Besides the government’s image locally and internationally could be tarnished . The president has then advised , to halt all the investigations into the crimes except that  involving the extortion and murder of the school children committed by the Navy . 

The murder investigation halted by the president

The crime investigation the president wanted  to halt is the cruel twin murder  of Loganathan and Paramanathan after abducting them . This is a crime in which , following submissions made to court, the latter issued an order to arrest two officers ,  Dayananda and Guruge of the Navy . It is when they were about to be arrested the president has given this unlawful  instruction obstructing the enforcement of the law.
The twin murder was an accidental discovery stumbled upon during the investigations into the student murders. All these murders with extortion motive were committed under the supervision of Sampath Munasinghe alias Navy Sampath , the  sidekick of former Navy Commander Karannagoda. Believe it or not , a number of identity cards of the victims including those of Loganathan and Paramanathan were in Navy Sampath’s  custody , and were found by the investigators clearly and directly incriminating him.

When the investigators went to the address  following the lead obtained from the identity card ,it came to light one of the victims  had a Van ,  the other victim was its driver ,and the van was engaged in hiring service at Katunayake  Airport.  

The relatives of Loganathan and Paramanathan disclosed to the CID both victims were abducted on the same day , and  the van too was taken away. Besides , the Van is now being used by the Welisara Navy camp.

Based on this information when a search was conducted for the  Van at the Welisara camp , the officials at the camp had cannibalized the van. The  dismantled parts were however taken into the custody of the CID.

In defense of the cannibalization , the Navy explained , based on information received there was a bomb in the van , the latter was brought to the camp , and after dismantling it , the search for the bomb was conducted. The CID had immediately questioned , ‘who is the idiot who would bring a Van with a bomb that could explode in it into the camp and cannibalize?’

GSP benefits for SL at stake because of  savior of  criminals 

It is most unfortunate the incumbent president who made a number of loud solemn promises that the culprits of most grave  crimes committed during the Rajapakse regime prior to 8 th of January 2016, will be duly punished after bringing them before the law , has apparently become an accomplice of the criminals by now trying to rescue them .

The suspects in the murders of Lasantha Wickremetunge and Ekneliyagoda were released on bail because of incumbent president. In addition , the army suspects  were exonerated of charges , and unlawfully reinstated in their jobs owing to the president. 

By the president trying to portray and  exalt the criminals as ‘war heroes’  , those unlawful moves based on twisted thinking  had sadly taken a turn to the detriment of the entire  country . 

'Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice' based fully in Britain ( there is not a single Sri Lankan in  this organization ) issuing a communiqué on the 11 th had stated , the government of Sri Lanka (SL) is dilly dallying with its  promises made at the last Geneva sessions regarding the long overdue peace and reconciliation process.

These delays can militate against SL’s efforts to acquire  the GSP plus permanently, it was  warned. Though the SL group has made loud announcements that  GSP plus has been secured , it has  been  put on hold  subject to  a probation period of 4 months. During this probation period , to what extent the promises given internationally are being fulfilled will be explored.

By a Lanka e news inside information division  reporter

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Its is now amply clear who the protector of the war criminals & crooks and swindlers is non other than the President himself. Its time all western nations and the UN appraise themselves of this fact and act accordingly. Its a shame that agenda is also supported by none other than CBK.
-- by Rathne on 2017-02-12

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