Investigations into alleged murder most foul within Weerawansa’s home entrusted to CID by president !

-Lahiru was a virile ebullient youth-witness

(Lanka-e-News -03.Nov.2016, 11.30PM)  The investigation into the  death   under most suspicious circumstances  of the youth Lahiru Janith Dissanayake (24) that occurred within the Hokandara mansion of Wimal Weerawansa M.P, the leader of NFF , while the victim was staying the night in the premises , had been entrusted to the CID on the orders of  president Maithripala Sirisena.

Lanka e news earlier on revealed ,owing to orders issued to the SSP’s office , Mirihana ,by the office of a high profile political leader from Kollupitiya, the investigations into this most mysterious death were suppressed. Moreover , the police investigation as well as the medical examination were not duly conducted ,  Lanka e news further exposed supported with  evidence.

The editors of websites who published quoting Lanka e news report were  threatened with death by Weerawansa’s goons ,  had lodged a complaint with the police.
The president who perceived based on the mysterious murder that occurred  in Weerawansa’s house that even under the good governance government ,it is being proved  political bigwigs can act above the law , had entrusted the investigation to the CID on the 1 st of November.  

When  the CID is conducting investigations,  the  family,  relatives and friends cannot suppress information , because if the  truth is concealed ,  they can be considered as having abetted in the crime.
Meanwhile , based on information garnered by Lanka e news from a witness yesterday ( 2nd night) , the deceased has not been a heroin addict . The deceased was a virile youth  who takes liquor when offered , and prone  to youthful exuberance and enjoyment. 

In other words , he was a virile funloving   youth who  believed  in the   maxim  ‘below the navel there is no relationship.’ He was robust , strong and free from any sicknesses.

In addition , the witnesses told Lanka e news , he is not a youth who could die of a heart attack , while pinpointing  Weerawansa attended that funeral house just  once only .

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wimal, at least now come out with the truth....
-- by nimal on 2016-11-04

The hand that is favouring Wimal should be revealed in due course, for the sake of GG
-- by punchinilame on 2016-11-04

What do you call a person with no brain and no mail organ? Weerawansa. Nothing Weera about that. What a wasted skull.
-- by Hapun on 2016-11-05

LEN, Rest of all the media do not show anything as such. What proof do u have about fluids, neck injury, bleeding and affair. Are the other media, sleeping, does the medical report indicate it and does police report in tally with it?
-- by Steve on 2016-11-06

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