Maithri -Maharaja ‘mahajara greed’ plunges country into doom and gloom -Rusian Rosoborono agency is a blacklisted Co.!

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Dec.2017, 8.00AM)  Maithri- Maharaja ‘mahajara’ (dirt and dross) team which is governed  by selfishness and   self -centeredness  subordinating national interests,  and lured by filthy lucre,  by attempting  to purchase  a ship Gepard 5.1  OPV (Offshore patrol vessel ) along with redundant  war equipments from Russia at a cost of Rs. 24 billion, has driven the country into an unprecedented economic abyss. Owing to this deal, a  ban on Sri Lanka’s  tea export has been imposed  and SL’s GSP plus concessions are likely to be  lost. In addition , there are threats of bans on other Sri Lankan  exports. The main reason for this monumental disaster is : The Russian weapon agency ‘Rosoborono export’ with which Maithri – Maharaja team has struck the mahajara deal is black- listed by the US government and other countries which have entered into a treaty . 

Rosoborono export Co. was blacklisted and a ban on dealings with it was  introduced in August  2017 because it violated the ‘Nuclear weapons treaty’ which is a grave offence. This proscription is equivalent to the ban now imposed by the UN on North Korea and  Iran.

The US government had already blacklisted  8 companies including Rosoborono export , and the covering approval of the UN  has been sought . 

Although the decision of the UN security council is not known at the time of writing this article, the resolutions tabled by the US government and other countries bound by the treaty are generally adopted by the Council without a debate.
Last week , the chief of Rosoborono export Co., Alexander Alexandrovich Mikheech arrived in SL to conclude the Gepard ship and weapons deal . However when the payment of 10 % of the total value was about to to be made  , the Central bank of SL objected and  pointed out Rosoborono Co. is blacklisted.  Consequently that 10 % payment amounting to Rs. 2.4 billion was halted. In any event , if that payment of 10 % is not made before 31 st December this deal will founder on the rocks to the deep disappointment of Maithri- Maharaja group for obvious reasons.
It is under these circumstances Russia proscribed the import of Tea and plantation products from SL , in order to exert pressures on SL.
Though a  special  correspondent of ours on the 18 th morning told Lanka e news that it was the asbestos sheets prohibition introduced by  Maithri-Maharaja team that was responsible for the  tea import ban by Russia, the other closest reason is the current suspension of the Russian warship deal , and the tea import ban is to somehow steer  this deal through before 31 st December. 

No matter what , this deal orchestrated   by the short sighted   Maithri-Maharaja team had plunged the country into deep despair. If the warship deal is not concluded   with the blacklisted Rosoborono export Co. the country will have to face the tea import ban . On the other hand if the deal  is concluded the country will have to face sanctions imposed by the US and many European countries.  It is therefore crystal clear the Maithri – Maharaja ‘mahajara’  racket  has only  driven the country  into a predicament which can only be explained  by the analogy  ‘if you are on the road  you will die , and if you go home your spouse will die.’  That is, the  country is trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.

It is significant to note , it is while America has gifted one OPV vessel ,  India another and Japan two OPA vessels  - that is four vessel in all  after the good governance government came to power  , the Maithri – Maharaja mahajara team prompted  and prodded by their  inescapable age old sinister  habit of collecting illicit commissions went ahead with the purchase of the Russian warship that will drown the country in a sea of debt amounting to Rs. 24 billion . Mind you their eagerness for filthy lucre was so inordinate,  they sought to push this sordid deal through despite the SL Navy putting its foot down and vehemently opposing it, and  even after this writer repeatedly citing valid grounds in the reports exposing the racket .

Finally , because the stark truths were revealed in the best interests of the country and to the detriment of Maithri-Maharaja team after illicit commissions at any cost, Lanka e news was banned  within SL on 8 th October thereby depriving the legion of its   viewers from accessing the site and denying their right to truthful  information. To accomplish this ban Maithri used Hemantha Warnakulasuriya who crept into the Telecom Regulatory Commission as a Director through him and promoted  by Maharaja .It is this ‘rat ‘ after stealthily creeping into the TRC  who ordered the Internet service providers to block Lanka e news while the chairman and the Director General of TRC were out of the country.

The writer of this article recently warned in his report it is the UNP by remaining silent amidst these glaring rackets of Maithri- Maharaja rapacious team , that will have to pay for the sins of Maithri- Maharaja  perfidies. Lanka  e news in this connection reported that UNP  deputy minister of defense Ruwan Jayawardena has fallen prey to the deceitful ploys of Nimal Cook , a director of Maharajas.
Lanka e news revealed details regarding this ploy (mentioned above) under the caption '‘US dollars million Mega illicit deal not second to Gota’s MiG deal –Kili Maharaja moving heaven and earth to push through !! -Tender procedure ignored ; Ruwan Wijewardena’s name too dragged in'' on 15 th March 2017.  

'...Ms. Anushi Gunawardena who was the sidekick of Nimal Cook for some time ,  is now not only a close friend of Ruwan Wjewardena  but also works as  his  assistant in the defense ministry. Maharaja who is clever at tricks and treacheries making  Ruwan  Wijewardena an accomplice in this deal is unsurprising. '

It is an incontrovertible fact  that the Maithri- Maharaja team’s  sordid and myopic deal which has plunged the country into deep despair - driven into a morass  from which there is no escape , and can only be compared with a   dire situation ‘ if you stay on the road you will die , and if you go home your spouse will die.’

Therefore , it is imperative the parties and organizations which are remaining silent , and opposing  the racket team  during the day but uniting  during the night , come forward honestly and overtly  at least at this belated stage  to agitate and open their mouths against the Maithri –Maharaja warship racket.

By Chandra Pradeep

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'‘US dollars million Mega illicit deal not second to Gota’s MiG deal –Kili Maharaja moving heaven and earth to push through !! -Tender procedure ignored ; Ruwan Wijewardena’s name too dragged in''

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Strangely JVP is silent on the matter of buying a 24 Billion unwanted ship. Now that the Russian Co. is blacklisted, the loan will be available for other use - buying asbestos needed for NP/EP/CP housing?
-- by punchinilame on 2017-12-20

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